Summer Gardening Help & Eco-news!

Dear all,

Howard was awarded Platinum Eco-school status this year. Thank you for all your support!!

However our wonderful learning garden needs your help over the holidays! We need families to water the plants in our learning garden in the yard on Marmaduke, and the butterfly garden in the planters outside the main doors.

Please help us! If you can sign up for a one week stint then please email me:

Many thanks,
Lesley Graham
On behalf of the Eco-committee

Take a Bite Out of Hunger at the Potluck Tonight! (reminder)


Donate to the Parkdale Community Food Bank on June 20th at the Pizza Potluck and make a difference!

Hunger is a supervillain who makes life harder for more than 305,000 Canadian children every month. For a child struggling with hunger, one meal could mean the difference between having the energy to succeed in school and failing a test, or between staying healthy and getting sick. Single-parent families with children are more vulnerable to hunger than any other household.

WE Club is holding a food drive for the Parkdale Community Food Bank to make sure everyone in our community can take a bite out of hunger. On June 20th, during Howard’s Pizza Potluck, families are encouraged to take action  by donating 1 or more of the following highly needed items:

  • Proteins (beans, lentils, tuna, baked beans, anchovies, etc.)
  • Baby items (diapers, Formula, wipes, baby food, bottles, etc.)

Students from WE Club conducted a phone interview with the Parkdale Community Food Bank to learn more about what food banks need and how our community can help out. Here’s what we learned:

  1. Who uses the food bank?
    Everyone uses the food bank including people who are homeless, people who lost their jobs, and those who can’t afford to pay their rent.
  2. What are the requirements to be able to use a food bank?
    People need to show proof of address or income, however, if proof of income or address is unavailable, they can still access the food bank services. They can visit the food bank once a week and up to four times per month.
  3. How many people per day use the food bank?
    Approximately 70 to 80 people used to access the food bank, but recently these numbers have increased to 150 people. This increase may be due to the recent increase in rent prices, particularly for single income families. Another contributing factor is the increasing cost of living (food, hydro, transportation, etc.)
  4. What is your busiest season?
    Christmas time and the holidays are the busiest seasons.
  5. How many food banks are in our community?
    There are 50 food banks in our community, but Parkdale Community Food Bank is the only food bank in Parkdale.
  6. Which items have the highest demand?
    There is a high demand for proteins such as tuna, beans, peanut butter, lentils, meat and eggs. Baby items (diapers, Formula, baby food, wipes) also go quickly.
  7. Does the food bank accept prepared food and perishable items?
    Yes, the food bank accepts both prepared food and perishable items.
  8. Do you prefer receiving food or money?
    The food bank is happy to receive both food and money.
  9. How can you help out?
    There are currently about 40 volunteers, but we can always use more help. You can volunteer your time as volunteers are always needed. If you would like to volunteer, come by during our opening hours and try it for a day. You can also donate food or money to the food bank.
  10. What are your hours of operation?
    Wednesday and Thursday- 10:00 – 3:30
    Friday and Saturday- 10:00 – 1:30

Potluck TONIGHT!

A reminder to all,

Our Pizza Potluck is tonight from 6-8pm for all Howard families to enjoy!

Don’t worry if you haven’t submitted a form, just show up. And if you were planning on bringing a donation to the Parkdale Food Bank, remember to bring it along.

Pizzas have been generously donated by Master Mechanic. Just please make sure that any item you bring to share is nut free.

See you tonight!

Jump Rope for Heart


THANK YOU for helping to make our Heart & Stroke
Jump Rope for Heart event a success!

Dear Parents,

This year, we raised $6526 for the Heart and Stroke Foundation – thanks to your support!

Supporting kids’ health for more than 35 years, the Heart and Stroke Foundation encourages kids to get active while they collect pledges for heart disease and stroke research. Jump Rope for Heart ensures a fun, active Event Day and provides students with information that encourages healthy eating, daily physical activity and giving back to the community.

In addition to raising funds to support the organizations’ mission, JUMP activates our kids to embrace a lifetime of healthy living and social responsibility.

Plus, thanks to your generosity, our school also earned valuable resources through the Heart and Stroke Foundation’s School Give-back Program.

Together, we will continue to protect hearts and keep all kids healthy.

Yours Very Truly,
Howard PS Staff

Lunchroom Supervisors Wanted

Are you interested in participating in school life at Howard Public School?
Are you available between 11:30 and 12:45 during the school day?

We are currently looking for temporary lunchroom supervisors who would be available for occasional work in the 2017-2018 school year.  Lunchroom supervisors play an important role in keeping our students healthy and safe during the lunch hour.

Please contact Madame Sardella if you are interested in applying for these positions.

Background Checks for Volunteers – Keep Yours Up to Date!

Dear Parents,

Many of the parent volunteer opportunities at school (eg Scientist in the School) require that parents have a police reference check beforehand.  It does take some time for the record check to be completed.  In preparation for next school year, fill out the application (available in the office) as soon as possible.  The Home and School Association will cover the cost of these police checks for parents.  Information about how to be reimbursed for the cost can be found with the application in the office.

Police reference checks do expire.  Each year you must complete an Offence Declaration with the school or you will have to re-submit another police reference check.   Save us the additional fees!   If you had a police reference check last year, please see Elizabeth Mankiewicz, our Vice Principal, to declare your criminal-free past year and keep your police reference check valid.  

Thank you,
Howard School

Class Contact List – Updates for Next Year

Hello Howard Community,
The Class Contact Lists will be updated over the summer and draft copies will be going home in September. Please let Pamela Smith know if you have any problems with the list (your child’s info was missing this year, your email address has changed, you’ll be moving, you wish to be removed from the list).
Grade 6 student’s information will automatically be removed from the database but all other children’s information will be compiled into next year’s Class Lists.
Your email address is the most important piece of information because, in an effort to save on paper, we only email the Draft copy.
If you were on this year’s Class Contact List, your information was correct and you require no changes, you don’t need to do anything.
If you require changes, blank Consent Forms are in the office, or email Pamela Smith the following details (only the top 3 fields are necessary, the rest are voluntary):
Student Name:
Email Address Parent/Caregiver 1:
Mobile Phone Parent/Caregiver 1:
Street Address Parent/Caregiver 1:
Home Phone Parent/Caregiver 1:
Email Address Parent/Caregiver 2:
Mobile Phone Parent/Caregiver 2:
Street Address Parent/Caregiver 2:
Home Phone Parent/Caregiver 2:
Siblings at Howard:
Thank you and have a wonderful summer!