Black Friday: A boon for the blue & white?

The students at Howard have ideas, activities and things they want to do. But without our usual fundraising engines, such as the Spring Social and Fall FĂȘte, we need a new way to raise money and fast. One solution is “FlipGive“, a cash back app that pays the school whenever parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends,Continue reading “Black Friday: A boon for the blue & white?”

A Different Solution Required

What would you do if you woke up one morning and your child’s teacher wasn’t there any more? No message from the school principal, the school board or other warning; the teacher your child had spent two months bonding with simply wasn’t there. This is what happened to many parents this morning when their childContinue reading “A Different Solution Required”

Now & Forever: Make your investment today

Now is the time to invest in space for our children, families and neighbours to play safely. This spring construction will begin, but we need more donations in order to make this vision a reality!

Make a donation today and make an investment that will give the kids a safe and inviting space by the start of the next school year!

“Minutes” From Last Night’s Council Meeting

Thank you to those that joined us on Zoom for the October Council meeting. For those that were unable to join, we recorded the whole thing… It is our first attempt at the recording feature so please forgive the glitches. The Outdoor Learning Committee gave an inspiring presentation about the work done to date andContinue reading ““Minutes” From Last Night’s Council Meeting”

Monthly Council Meetings

Join us! Every month, usually on the third Wednesday at 7pm, all grownups in the Howard community are invited to attend the Council meeting. These days, that means signing on to a Zoom meeting. Ask your questions Whether you can attend the meeting or not, let us know your questions by filling out this anonymous form.Continue reading “Monthly Council Meetings”