Volunteers needed for QSP fundraiser next week

I’m looking for a few volunteers to help assemble and distribute the QSP take-home packages this coming Monday and Tuesday.   I will also need some help over the two weeks of the campaign to distribute prizes and the like.

If you can spare a couple of hours this Monday or Tuesday morning it would be a huge help!  It’s easy work plus I’ll bring coffee and treats!

Please email me at sophie_dennis@rogers.com or fill in the contact form below with your availability.  If you are available only one morning, great!  If you can come in every morning, really great!

QSP Fundraising Campaign Coming Soon!

Hello Howard Community,

Our school will be participating in the QSP Magazine Fundraiser again this year from October 24th to November 3rd. Historically this fundraiser has raised $10,000 or more each year for things like school trips and scientists at the school. The profits are also used directly to purchase great publications for our library and classrooms. If every family orders or renews just one magazine we can raise over $12,000 for Howard!

More information to follow.

Sophie Kierulf
QSP Campaign Chair

School Council Meeting this Wed Oct 18

It was great to see so many new faces at our September school council meeting. Thanks to all who came out. I’d like to introduce your new executives:

Co-Chairs: Sara Tweedie and Marcella Saitua
Vice Chair:  Laura Boudreau
Treasurer: Heath Feldman
Secretary: Michelle McBride

We look forward to seeing you all at the October 18th meeting, where we will allocate our budget for the year. As we have moved the silent auction to the spring, our budget is tighter this year than in past years.

Oct. Meeting Agenda and Sep. Draft Notes

Things to keep in mind with regards to the budget, we adhere to the following spending principles:
1. Support and enhance the curriculum
2. Support our areas of priority (note: in no particular order):

  • Arts
  • Music
  • Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM)
  • Sports & Athletics
  • Environmental
  • Nutrition (note: new as of 2016-2017)
  • Mental health and well-being (note: new as of 2015 – 2016)

3. Promote activities that support inclusion and equity including announcing a new parent equity committee

4. Spend equitably across grades and streams (i.e. English and French)

We would also like to change the fifth principal which used to state:
5. Consider fundraising activities for charitable causes in the broader community

to: Consider assisting school based initiatives such as classroom initiatives, the me to we club, the holiday hamper/gift cards, the holiday food bank drive, and a winter coat drive instead of direct funding charitable causes

Fall Fete 2017

We did it again!

We had a blast on Saturday, and judging by the cotton candy and slime table line ups, so did the kids.  We also raised a bunch of money!  Mission accomplished.

This event is a ton of work and we would like to thank every coordinator and volunteer who made it all come together.  From those who worked so hard in the weeks leading up to the Fete, those who stayed late on Friday, or came early on Saturday (and I mean dark early), and everyone who pulled a shift (or two) during the Fete, and then those who helped with the massive clean-up job. THANK YOU for helping this all come together!

Thank you to our community and restaurant sponsors who help us take our Fall Fete to new levels of fun and gastronomic delight. We are so fortunate to live in neighbourhood where the local businesses donate so generously.

Thank you to our Principal Rosanna and VP Elizabeth, who were so supportive and helpful throughout.

Thank you to all of the teachers and staff at Howard for helping to promote the Fete, and special thanks to those who volunteered and attended. The kids loved seeing you there!

Thank you to the caretaking staff who worked so hard all day to help get the school ready and then cleaned up in the aftermath.

We will have a final tally of how much we raised in the coming days.

Thank-you again,
Your Fall Fete Co-Chairs
Erin, Nancy & Olivia





the Fete is going green this year

Reminder…there will be no water bottles or juice boxes sold at the Fall Fete this year.  We encourage everyone to bring refillable water bottles or travel mugs for coffee and tea.

Water stations will be available to refill bottles and we will offer beverages for sale in biodegradable corn cups.

We appreciate your support on this initiative. Every little change helps.



VOLUNTEERS…Still Needed!

Thank you to everyone signed up so far!!!  We are almost fully staffed!!!
There are still some areas that need staffing:
**Lunch Table Clean-Up during and after the Fete…Earth Buddies we NEED you!**

*Hi-Striker – bet you haven’t signed up because you have no idea what this is…we need you to help people swing the hammer, ring the bell and win a prize…how easy is that?!
*Trade-Up Table  our prize winners need all hands on deck to trade tickets in for swag
*Afternoon help at the Candy Floss and Lemonade Stand
*Ticket Booth 2 
– afternoon
*Basket Raffle Ticket Seller – morning

Please remember to check in and out at the volunteer table before/after your shift.

Sign Up Now!

Our Bake Table Needs more Baked Goods

Hello Howard Families!

Our Bake Sale Table needs more baked goods!  If you can’t find time to bake today we will gladly take a purchased donation from a yummy local bakery.  Please drop off all baked goods to the gym after 3:30 on Friday or before 9am on Saturday morning.

Thanks so much everyone. See you all tomorrow!

Your Fall Fete Co-Chairs,

Erin, Nancy & Olivia