Dance-A-Thon – Friday, February 10th – Volunteers Needed

Hello Howard Families,
The Dance-A-Thon is this Friday, February 10th!
We just have a few more days to raise funds for Dance-a-Thon.
The students can request their favourite songs online by filling out the music request form on at Requests can be made individually or as a class up to 2 days before the event. The DJ will play from the most requested list on dance day.
If you like to dance, or just want to embarrass your child, please use the contact form on the Get Involved page on the Howard blog, or email me at mahshad7(at), to volunteer on dance day. Ideally, I would need one parent per slot to help with glow bracelets and keep an eye on the room.
The dance day schedule is below so that you can see when your child’s class is at the gym.
Happy fundraising!
Mahshad Aryafar
FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 10th, 2017, Day 4
1, 2
23, 24, 25, 28, 27
11, 12, 14
4, 5, 6
31, 39, 37, 40, 35, 38, 36
Set up tables for lunch
Lunch/ Clean Up
 2, 3
26, 42, 32, 33, 34, 41
21, 22
4, 5, 6
Area 39, 43 and Junior Choir

Tech/Science Club Coming Dec 1!

Is your Grade 5/6 kid interested in: 
  • Coding
  • Logic Puzzles
  • Robotics
  • Physics
  • Science Experiments
  • Contraptions
  • Computations
  • Math Secrets
  • Programming
Then the Howard Science and Technology Club might be just for them!
The Howard Science and Technology Club starts Thursday, December 1. The first session will run for 7 weeks and will be open to Grades 5 & 6. It will take place after school in Area 38 from 3:30 to 4:30 pm.
Your child should be bringing a permission form home later this week. To register, please return the permission form to your child’s teacher by Tuesday, November 29. There will be a maximum number of spaces. If interest exceeds that number, there will be a lottery.
If you are interested in being a parent volunteer for the club, please email – you must have your police check completed (for more info, please email Liz).
The subsequent session will be for Grades 3 & 4, followed by one for Grades 1 & 2.
Thank you,
The Howard STEM Committee

Hockey Tryouts – Wednesday, November 23 at 3:45

If your child is in grade 4, 5 or 6 and would like to tryout for the school’s hockey team…


The first Howard hockey tryout will be on Wednesday, November 23 at 3:45.  We will need drivers to go to McCormick arena.  Please ensure your child has their permission form to me before we step on the ice, VERBAL PERMISSION WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.  We will also need skate tiers and cheerleaders!


Stevan Petrakovic
Howard PS


School Council Meeting – Important Update and Date Change (now Nov. 23)

Please note the November meeting date has been changed to November 23rd at 7pm in the library.
Thank you to all those who attended our October budget meeting. It was a successful meeting and we allocated a good chunk of our budget. You will be pleased to hear we continued direct funding to our classroom teachers, arts, sports, tech spending and support for our chess and environment clubs among others. A full copy of the budget as approved will go out on the blog shortly.  We did table three issues to the November 23 meeting due to both time and wanting a broader community input. The first is the issue of nutrition and how the lunch room works. We now have a nutrition committee headed by Zoe Traiforos which is looking into ways to improve the lunchroom. You may have seen their survey on how to improve the lunchroom already. It was clear in the meeting that this is a topic that deserves more time so we tabled the discussion to November.
We had two financial requests that we are asking parents to consider and come out to the November meeting to have their voices heard. The first is the issue of a charitable donation. We have a request to use the proceeds of the dance-a-thon (a fundraiser that occurs in February and typically raises $4-5000) to support sister schools within the TDSB. One such school would be Frank Okes, a small secondary school over by Rockcliffe and Alliance that serves students across the TDSB with mild intellectual disabilities. One of the Okes teachers spoke to us about the school and their students and told us all about their amazing programs and some of the challenges their school faces in generating funds on its own: no local school community as students bussed in, many students face cognitive, medical and social/emotional learning barriers, there are only 104 students which makes it hard to raise enough funds to support its goals, it is number 13th on the TDSB learning opportunity index (facing large challenges of external challenges to student success). Two opportunities exist to support the Okes, one is the purchase of a SMART Board for its autism class and a computer laptop cart for its academic program; the other is an alumni night to get together its graduates and their families.  Those at the October meeting felt strongly about supporting this donation and we would like to hear from the wider parent community.  Please read the attached for more information.
Our second outstanding financial request is a request from the music department to refurbish the Heintzman piano in the music room. It will cost just over $15,000 to completely refurbish the piano of which the TDSB is willing to provide $5000. At the October meeting we discussed several options: paying for it out of our School Council budget; holding separate fundraisers like an adult social evening; asking the Friends of Howard Trust to fundraise with a direct ask; providing a more stop gap repair of $5000 to keep the piano going; or letting the piano be used without repairs until it dies out. As this is a sizeable request, we deferred any decision making until the November meeting and we invite you to come out and give your opinion.
We hope to see you all at the meeting.
Linda Torry, Sara Tweedie, co-chairs
Heath Feldman, vice-chair
Tory Millar, treasurer
Jana Jedlovska, member at large
Michelle McBride, secretary

Hockey Tryouts – Grades 4, 5 and 6

If your child is in grade 4, 5 or 6 and would like to tryout for the school’s hockey team,

please have them see Mr. Petrakovic for permission forms.  Dates for tryouts will be announced

as soon as ice time becomes available.  If you have any questions please feel free to see me or email

me at  Drivers will be needed for tryouts and games.


Roots of Empathy Looking for Babies and Parents for Howard Program

Are you a proud parent with a new baby? Will your baby be 2–4 months old in October? You and your baby could be a Roots of Empathy family at Howard Junior Public School.


Roots of Empathy is a program for children in kindergarten to grade 8. The program’s aim is to increase empathy – the ability to understand another person’s feelings. Children learn to care and respect each other and there is less bullying and aggression.

A Roots of Empathy family:

  • A mother and/or father visits a classroom in a local school with a Roots of Empathy Instructor.
  • The visits are about 30 minutes long, once a month from October until June.
  •  The program helps children to learn about a baby’s needs and how babies develop and lets children observe the loving relationship between a parent and baby.
  • Babies must be between 2 to 4 months old in October.
“Roots of Empathy is about changing the world classroom by classroom” – Mary Gordon, Founder/President
For more information please contact: Angela MacDonnell, Toronto Program Coordinator Phone:
(416) 204-7907 or

Last Chance to Win a Massage just by Signing up to Volunteer for 2 hours!

We hope that you are enjoying this wonderful long weekend spending time with family, cheering for the Jays and/or watching the debate from down South.
The Fall Fete is THIS SATURDAY OCTOBER 15th, and we still have LOTS of volunteer positions to fill (close to 100 slots)!  If we don’t have enough volunteers, we will have to cancel some of our most popular games and activities! That means less money raised for our school and fewer opportunities for our kids to do cool stuff like going to performances and having access to current technology.  
Please have a look at the schedule, email a friend to join you and sign-up for a 2 hour time slot. You will still have a chance to enjoy the Fete with your kids and most importantly we are showing our kids what it means to be a part of a community that works together and has a great time giving back to our kid’s school.
This is also your last chance to win 1 of 3 massages at Evolve Complete Chiropractic! 
Everyone who is signed up by 10pm tonight will be entered to win!

Sign Up Now!