End-of-Year Teacher Gifts

This year has been bananas! Let’s thank the teachers who helped get our kids through it.

How to send kudos (and maybe a gift) to teachers during lockdown

Given covid restrictions, we can’t take a gift to the teacher but maybe we could do something creative to show them how much they are appreciated… 

Sign the kudoboard or join the group gift for your kid(s) teachers!

By now you should have received an invitation from your child’s class parent rep about a group gift. This email invited you to fill out a Google form letting the rep know your preferences. If you have questions about the group gift, please contact your rep or email howardschoolcouncil@gmail.com.

Please sign the group card via kudoboard >

Add a video or photo, get creative, or simply say thanks.

Here is a chart of all the teachers, their area and corresponding kudoboard. Please add your note to the board TODAY as the deadline is June 20th.

Class Area #Teacher’s NameKudoboard Link
Drama/Dance/GymAdrienne Archerhttps://HPSC.kudoboard.com/boards/hOeZbbzM
Drama/Dance/GymBernie McShanehttps://HPSC.kudoboard.com/boards/YojZfOsu
Drama/Dance/Gym/Spec edNella Ruprechthttps://HPSC.kudoboard.com/boards/WWHGXy9d
GymCatharine Ringlerhttps://HPSC.kudoboard.com/boards/1bk1D1QU
MusicDebbie Jonashttps://HPSC.kudoboard.com/boards/zZwcVe8B
Spec edIvana Simanichttps://HPSC.kudoboard.com/boards/MYV7xKLR
11Katie Gerskuphttps://HPSC.kudoboard.com/boards/vL49pWU6
12Stevan Petrakovic and Anna Lotitohttps://HPSC.kudoboard.com/boards/5DnGX4Lf
14Pat Karkavitsas and Jennifer Perlmutterhttps://HPSC.kudoboard.com/boards/3c12PhAX
21Katharine Sproathttps://HPSC.kudoboard.com/boards/Mnx1SZxM
22Luiza Gabahttps://HPSC.kudoboard.com/boards/za1TdKZ8
23Halyna Hradowyhttps://HPSC.kudoboard.com/boards/CP833EfJ
24Lina De Meohttps://HPSC.kudoboard.com/boards/A7d1LtvX
25Alanna Payettehttps://HPSC.kudoboard.com/boards/R5czo2Y6
26Chantelle rego-Picancohttps://HPSC.kudoboard.com/boards/oPmuk25K
27Jill Durranthttps://HPSC.kudoboard.com/boards/VxZqoKHT
28Susan Caseyhttps://HPSC.kudoboard.com/boards/TmVHBvjB
31Shila Chahsavar-Archadhttps://HPSC.kudoboard.com/boards/aFvCuLwt
33Eric Dibon-Smithhttps://HPSC.kudoboard.com/boards/BM23Txaw
36Michael Wulfhttps://HPSC.kudoboard.com/boards/ayUh4NoS
37Nicole Maitlandhttps://HPSC.kudoboard.com/boards/0DGzbfLN
38MJ Gaudreaulthttps://HPSC.kudoboard.com/boards/SdJnyb2f
39Andrea Demianiwhttps://HPSC.kudoboard.com/boards/3sgL6K6C
40Anthony Ganlyhttps://HPSC.kudoboard.com/boards/7kVLoLwS
41Maeve Buckleyhttps://HPSC.kudoboard.com/boards/968KkeDe

It has been another intensely challenging school year. Weeks of lockdown have taken their toll on students, families and teachers. Hopefully you and your loved ones are well. At this time of year kids are itching for summer; they’re traditionally hard to teach now even at the best of times! Our teachers are doing everything they can to hold the kids’ attention via Zoom – it is an uphill battle. Let’s say thank you!