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Outdoor Learning works

Outdoor Learning Works!

Read how you can help create opportunities for Howard students and teachers.

Call for Help

The newly formed OUTDOOR EDUCATION COMMITTEE (operating under Home and School Council and with the approval of the Principals) urgently needs parent volunteers to support the outdoor education spaces we are creating at Howard in the weeks ahead. If you have items that would be useful for outdoor education (esp. shade tents of the kind used at farmer’s markets) to loan or donate, please get in touch.

Additionally, we are recruiting 30-40 parent VOLUNTEERS, divided across 4 teams, to support outdoor learning. The main roles these volunteers will fill is daily setting up and (possibly) taking down of shade/shelter tents as these are being sourced but cannot be left up overnight. Teams would be “on” 1 out of every 4 weeks, then have 3 weeks off. The hope is to have teams large enough (8-10 parents) that the work can be divided across the week, i.e., no parent should have to wrangle tents 5 days straight. There will also likely be a few volunteers needed one afternoon soon to help set up some incoming stump seating.

In other words, the more you and your crew sign up, the less everyone will have to do.

Please go to our SignUp.com page to join a volunteer squad. Supporting outdoor class space is a very concrete and meaningful way to help to make our school safer for our kids and teachers and we really want to have the necessary volunteers in place to start the very first day the infrastructure items are available which may be as soon as next week. There are 6 of us right now and always room for more so please get in touch if you have questions or want to help at the planning level — you can find us in conversations on the Howard Parents Facebook Page or include comments in your SignUp.com entries.

Thank you!

Kat, Kate, Theresa, Molly, Rachel, Rebecca


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Your money will go to fund immediate needs like 

  • outdoor seating, 
  • surfaces for teachers and kids to write on, and 
  • warm clothing for families that wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford it. 

“Let Nature be your teacher.”

William Wordsworth

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