Book Club

The Last Present

By: Wendy Mass

This book is about two kids named Amanda and Leonard.  They find out from a boy they know, that a girl named Grace went into a frozen state on her 10th birthday. Leo and Amanda suspect that an old lady named Angelina D’Angelo has something to do with this. At the hospital where Grace has been sent, they find Angelina working at the hospital as a nurse. She tells them they have to go back in time to fix three of Grace’s birthdays because she puts benedictions on all the babies that are born in Willow falls. But she couldn’t put one on Grace because she was distracted by someone. So when they go back in time, three of the birthdays they were unable to fix, but the other three they were able to fix. When they get back they find out that Grace has the same powers Angelina has. 

 THE END           

 Written by: Hannah Durst

The Lightning Thief

The lightning thief is a fabulous fictional fantasy by Rick Riordan full of Greek myths and legends. It is the first book of the wonderful Percy Jackson series. Rick has written two other series both about mythology, one Egyptian one Roman/Greek.

This book starts when Percy goes to the museum for a class field trip and his English teacher supposedly turns into a furie and asks him a strange question…


In this book Percy discovers his dad is Poseidon and goes on a wonder filled quest in order to retrieve the lightning bolt and return it to Zeus! It is for ages 7 and up.

By Ella P.C, Maia H.R, and Olivia A


The Sisters Grimm

The Fairy-tale Detectives
By:Michael Buckley

blog by:Sophie Mahan and Harriet Dolenko

We are reading a book called the Sisters Grimm, The Unusual Suspects. It’s about two girls named Sabrina & Daphne Grimm. They meet their Grandma aka granny Relda and her friend Mr.Canis aka the big bad wolf. They try to find out who kidnapped their parents because one afternoon when they came home from school their parents weren’t there. The only clue the police found was a blood red handprint on their car dashboard. At first they were put into an orphanage then into many different people’s houses. They snuck out of all of them because some of the people were psycho and some of them were just plain WEIRD. We like this book because it’s adventurous and mysterious. This chapter book is good for ages 7 and up.




By: Odessa and Kaiya

We are reading a book called Matilda. It is about a girl named Matilda who loves to read. The other characters are named Mr. Wormwood who is Matilda’s father, her mother, Mrs. Wormwood her brother who is named Michael as well as her teacher Miss Honey and the headmistress at her school, Miss Trunchbull. Matilda is a brainiac and can teach herself to do very difficult things that normal six, or even eleven year olds, cannot do.For example she can move things with her brain. Matilda most defiantly is a super human and we will never out smart her.

We like this book because it is well written and funny. Another reason that we like it is because we like reading about people who make us feel insignificant. Matilda is one of these people because she is smarter than us, reads books like Jane Eyre at six years old and possesses super powers. One of us is eleven and the other is nine. Neither of us can read like Matilda without needing ten minute breaks every second.

Matilda is written by Roald Dal, we highly recommend it for those who like to have adventures and those who are bored with life, like us.

Warning: Once you start reading this book you are sure to read it three years later and three years after that.



The book Cardboard is about a boy who is having his birthday and his dad buys him a cardboard box. His dad doesn’t know that the cardboard is magic and gives it to him. They make a cardboard man out of it and he comes to life. Once that happened they started making more and more people. Finally their neighbor Marcus takes the cardboard and makes minions out of it. The minions take over the world and Marcus and Cam have to save the world. It is a really good book.

By: Aidan



The Lying Game

The Lying Game is about a girl named Emma. Emma is a foster child. One day she finds out she has a long lost twin. She decided she was going to go and meet her. When she gets there she finds out that her sister (Sutton) is dead. Emma has to live with Sutton’s family pretending to be her because Sutton’s family doesn’t know she is dead. Emma figures out that the killer is either Laurel (Sutton’s foster sister) or Charlotte (Sutton’s friend). There are other books in this series and I have only read this one. It is a really good book.

By: Aidan


Dear Readers,

 I’m Frances and I’m Sadie, and we are here to tell you about Alice in Wonderland! It’s about a girl named Alice who falls into a magical hole because she was following a bunny with a clock and she was also very curious. The hole was really long. When she got down she followed the bunny really far. She followed the bunny to a place with a queen of heart.

 Recommended for kids of all ages and adults.




By: Claire and Julianna

  “To Stand on My Own” by Barbara Haworth-Attard is a fictional biography with some real facts about a girl named Noreen Robertson. Later on in the book she struggles with polio, loses control of her legs and makes new friends. After, she ends up going to a special Gray Nuns Hospital in Regina. She makes more new friends at the special hospital. That is all we will tell you for now but for more read the book.

   Recommended for grade 4, 5 and 6 and for people that like sad but good books.             



Dear Howard followers,

At the moment I am reading a book called Bad kitty by Michele Jaffe. This book is about a girl named Jasmine who was on a relaxing vacation at a pool in Las Vegas when out of nowhere a cat with not one, not two but three legs jumped on her.  Jasmine did what anybody would do, she ran for her life. She was not paying attention to where she was going and crashed a wedding.

She went back to her hotel and got a mysterious letter that said:

Stay out of it. For your own safety. A friend.

She wasn’t sure who sent the letter or what to stay out of.

I would recommend this book to and older audience specifically ages 12 and up because some scenes are inappropriate and it has mature matters.

Sincerely, Sammie





The Selection

By: kiera Cass

This book is about a girl called America Singer. Her family is average when it comes to money. One day a letter comes in the mail for her. She sees the country’s crest on it and suddenly knows that it’s from the palace. She doesn’t open the letter. The reason she didn’t open the letter is because she knew that the prince was looking for a princess. America eventually opened the letter and it said: The Prince of Ilea is looking for a wife. The palace is having a contest, 35 girls in between the ages of 16 and 21 will be chosen to date the prince and after a while he will choose his wife who will be the princess of the country.

In the end, America makes it to the top ten and instead of the Selection she will be one of the Elite, but before they start the next contest the chosen girls get to go home to their families. THEN THE CONTEST BEGINS (the second book)!

I would recommend this novel for girls 11 and up, because it’s a little inappropriate. In my opinion this book is rated 4 and a half stars because there were some surprises that happened and they just didn’t feel right.

We liked this book because it was a competition where anything could happen because it was all in the hands of the prince (and the king). We also liked it because the love triangle was very interesting because once in a while someone would decide they didn’t like another person but then they would like them again. 

We hoped you enjoyed reading our book review,

By Grace Parish and Simone Visram