Kub Kar Update

Dear All,
The response to the Kub Kars has been amazing, and the coming Stem Night at the school on Thursday the 21st promises to be a bigger hit than last year, with plenty of areas to keep minds young and old active!
If you were planning on making your own Kub Kar racer for the night, then we have bad news and even better news – The Kars have been going so fast from the front desk, that we have had difficulty keeping up. At the moment we have run out, but don’t worry, another order for Kars has been placed and will be with us soon.
More news to follow as soon as we get them!
See you on Thursday!
The STEM Volunteer Parents.
If you have any questions about the cars then please Email: adam_noble@yahoo.com

Pizza Potluck meets STEM Fun!!!!

An Ode to Tech
June 20 is Pizza Potluck at Howard.
If you don’t come, you’re a coward.
‘Cuz the STEM team will be there,
Blowing stuff in the air.
Join us there to be fully empowered.
Hey Howard community – we know you’re probably already coming to the Pizza Potluck on June 20 from 6 to 8 pm. But in case you need another reason to come out, the STEM team will be there for one last Hurrah. Set your alarm for 6:45 pm for a demonstration on the field.
Be there or be squared.

Howard School STEAM Night – Survey and Prize Draw

Howard Jr. Public School’s STEAM night was a great success, and a huge thank you goes out to all of the Students, Families and Businesses that helped in the preparation and throughout the event.

Also a big thank you to all of the families that braved the rain and made for a large turnout. We all hope that you enjoyed it, and that a spark was lit to get you all thinking about how STEAM is there in everyday events.

To help us get feedback from as many as possible, we have put together a quick 2-minute survey, that we would ask anyone who attended complete. As an incentive to fill in the quick survey, for those who wish to provide their Email address, we will put your name into the hat for a grand prize draw for one of two prizes !!!

Toronto Hydro have donated a Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker to sing along to in the shower, And the team at Matter and Form have donated a Bevel 3d Scanner https://matterandform.net/ that was being demonstrated on the night.

Please click on the link below to take the survey:

Howard Public School STEAM Night Survey

Update on Tech Club for Grades 1/2

We were so pleased to see that the response to the Grade 1/2 Tech Club was as enthusiastic as it was for every other session! We needed to have a lottery again to choose the participants, and all of the slots for both 2-week sessions are now totally full.

We are very sorry that we are not able to accommodate more students. If your child was not selected this time, we encourage your child to sign up again next year. At the same time, if your child was chosen but you know that they will not be able to attend, please let Liz know (lizannephillips@gmail.com) ASAP so their spot can be given to another student.

Your STEM Committee