Candy for Kids

Dear Parents Have any CANDY you don’t want or need? A teacher at Bishop Marrocco/Thomas Merton CSS is collecting candy this week to send to children in developing countries via Canadian Food For Children. If you happen to have extra candy (NO chocolate please) after your trick-or-treaters have had their fill, please bring it toContinue reading “Candy for Kids”

Ward 7 October Update

What Does The Ward 7 Council Do?  The purpose of the Ward Council is to discuss the needs and issues of common concern to the school communities in the ward; to network with other schools and organizations; to act as a proactive collective voice to inform the local trustee, the local MPP, the Minister ofContinue reading “Ward 7 October Update”

Book Buddies – An After School Program for Howard Students

In conjunction with Toronto Intergenerational Partnerships, a group of Howard parents have developed a free new after-school program for students to share their reading skills with seniors in our community. The program will be starting on Monday September 23rd. Please see the attachment for more details.