Winter Walk to School Day kicks off Walking Wednesday!

Winter Walk Day

Keep active this winter! We are celebrating Winter Walk Day on Wednesday February 1st, 2017. Grab your mittens, hats and boots and be a part of this fun winter event!

We are excited to announce that Howard will be taking part in Winter Walk Day next Wednesday February 1!

Walking to school in winter has many potential benefits, including benefits for your child’s health and well-being (like opportunities to learn and socialize on the way to school, and arriving to school alert and ready to learn), our community (reduced traffic congestion around the school) and the environment, too.

There will be music playing so arrive a few minutes early. All students who arrive before the bell will get a sticker of pride. We’ll tally class participation and the winning primary and winning junior class will get a prize. If your child takes the bus they can: walk to the bus stop and/or do a few laps upon arriving. Daycare kids will get their stickers when they come outside.

Walk with your child to school next Wednesday to join in the celebration! If you’re on your way somewhere else and plan on driving to your next destination, consider walking and taking transit (see Google maps for available transit routes to/from your destination:, or park/drop your child off a block or two away from the school to walk the rest of the way in. If you’re not able to join, encourage your child to walk with a friend.

Check out some  Winter Walking Tips:

  • Keep hands and head covered to prevent heat loss
  • On really cold days wear a scarf over your face and mouth
  • Wear warm, waterproof boots
  • Wear a warm coat that deflects the wind
  • Woolen clothing helps to retain the heat
  • Wear clothing or carry knapsacks with reflective material – it’s important to be seen
  • If possible, change wet clothes at school – tuck an extra pair of socks and mitts into knapsacks

Click here for more information on Active & Safe Routes to School.

To be part of the conversation on Twitter: Use the hashtag #walktoschool; and if you don’t already, follow @CanadaWalks 

More about Walking Wednesdays to follow…

Bike Rodeo

Bike Rodeo

Howard P.S. Bike Rodeo:   June 14th & 16th 2016

Next week, our Community Police Officer, Officer Erik will be putting on a Bike Rodeo for grade 2 to 5 students at Howard Public School. On June 14th, students in grades 2 & 3 will participate in the Bike Rodeo, and on June 16th students in grades 4 & 5 will participate. The Bike Rodeo will focus on teaching our students a variety of biking skills, and bike safety. Students must provide their own bicycle and bike helmet in order to participate. Unfortunately without the proper equipment, students will not be allowed in the Bike Rodeo.

Please find listed below the dates and times for our classes to participate. The classes have been divided between the two time slots on each day in order to accommodate numbers and grade groupings.

JUNE 14th – Grade 2 and 3 students:

June 14th  (Day 2), 2016: 9:15 – 10:15 a.m.

Grade 2 students from Mme. Decaudin’s class – Area 25

Grade 2 students from Mme. Cochrane’s class – Area 27

Grade 2 students from Mme. Cosson’s class – Area 26

Grade 2 students from Mr. Ing’s class – Area 28

June 14th  (Day 2), 2016: 10:40 – 11:40 a.m.

Grade 2 & 3 students from M. Celaj’s – Area 32

Grade 2 & 3 students from Mme. Chabot’s – Area 31

Grade 3 students from Mme. Desilet’s class – Area 41

Grade 3 students from M. Tchaptchet’s class – Area 33

Grade  2 & 3 students from Ms. Serazin’s class – Area 34

JUNE 16th – Grade 4 & 5 students:

June 16th  (Day 4), 2016: 9:15 – 10:15 a.m.

Grade 4 students from M. Frasheri’s class – Area 39

Grade 4 students from Mme. Datoo’s class – Area 36

Grade 4 students from Mr. Imeneo’s class – Area 35

June 16th  (Day 4), 2016: 10:40 – 11:40 a.m.

Grade 5 students from Mme. Demianiw’s class – Area 43

Grade 5 students from Mme. Gaudreault’s class – Area 42

Grade 5 students from Mr. Ganly’s class – Area 40

Parent volunteers are needed for both days and time slots. If you can volunteer, please come at 9:00 a.m. and meet Ms. Wessenger-Macdonald and Officer Erik outside in the North yard (Howard Park side).

Home and School Meeting – November 18th – 7pm

All welcome at the Home and School meeting, this Wednesday, November 18th at 7pm in the library. Babysitting available, please email Michelle at if you wish to register for babysitting. Attached please find the agenda and financial update.

Parenting Film and Discussion at the Revue Cinema

Our local not-for-profit cinema will be showing a documentary this Wednesday that may be of interest to parents:

The screening of the documentary:
No Place to Hide: The Rehtaeh Parson Story and Town Hall Community Discussion

Wednesday, October 28th, 7:00pm. Doors open at 6:30

Please see the attached flyer for more information.

No Place to Hide Town Hall Flyer