Parenting Workshop Monday April 29th 7-9pm

Hello again Howard friends and families, Our last Parenting Workshop is Monday, April 29th 7-9pm, in the Howard Library. With Lee Piepgrass, who lives in this neighbourhood, has worked for over 30 years as a parent counselor and behaviour consultant at ErinoakKids, Ontario’s largest Provincial Children’s Treatment Centre, with children and young people between the ages of 2 andContinue reading “Parenting Workshop Monday April 29th 7-9pm”

2013-2014 Staffing Allocation‏

Dear Parents/Guardians: We would like to share with you the class configuration for Howard P.S. for the 2013-2014 school year. The attached staffing model is the result of a number of meetings with Staffing Committee members comprised of 3 parent representatives, 10 teachers and 2 administrators.  The Primary cap size mandated by the Ministry has putContinue reading “2013-2014 Staffing Allocation‏”