Howard at the Marlies Game – Sunday, December 4th

WAY TO GO HOWARD! There will be over 500 of us in the stands at the Marlies game on Sunday, December 4th, 2016. What a wonderful way to support the choir! Because we have such a large group… *there will be a family skate after the game *two lucky kids will get to ride onContinue reading “Howard at the Marlies Game – Sunday, December 4th”

IMPORTANT Music Reminders (Photos, DVDs, Tickets)

REMEMBRANCE DAY – PHOTO REQUEST We are asking the students to bring in copies of photographs of family members who have served or are serving in the Canadian Armed Forces.  These photos will be displayed on the bulletin board outside the gym. Please include a short description of the person’s contribution to Canada’s efforts to fosterContinue reading “IMPORTANT Music Reminders (Photos, DVDs, Tickets)”

“Notes” from the Music Room

Just a reminder that Junior Choir starts next Tuesday morning, September 27th.  Please make sure your child is here on time (7:45 am).  Also, if any parents have a few minutes to spare after school on Monday afternoon, your help in setting up the chairs for choir practice would be most appreciated.  Just come toContinue reading ““Notes” from the Music Room”