Earth Day Celebration – April 22nd

This year we are celebrating Earth Day on Friday April 22nd. Here is the plan: Costumes: Students  can dress up in green or blue colours or in any sort of environmental theme (e.g. animals, plants) on Earth Day. School Yard Clean-up: Classes will be encouraged to help clean up the school yard. Mural: During lunchtime recessContinue reading “Earth Day Celebration – April 22nd”


These mascots were developed by the 2014-15 Earth Buddies and will become a permanent part of our school culture, celebrating and encouraging eco-friendly activities such as Fresh-Fruit-Fridays, Bike-to-School-Week, litter-less lunches, recycling etc. First introduced at the November 2015 Character Assembly, look for these characters throughout the year around the school and at events. Check outContinue reading “EARTH BUDDIES INTRODUCES ECO MASCOTS!”