Let The Fall Fete Help You with Your Fall Cleaning!

Planning on doing some fall cleaning? We can help! Get rid of your unwanted items and help raise funds for our great school by donating the following to this year’s Fall Fete.

We are looking for USED ITEMS:

(Donation boxes can be found outside the school office)

Small used toys for the Fish Pond

Clean, in good condition, and ideally on hangers

English or French
*Children’s Books, Adult Books – fiction and non-fiction, Parenting Books, Travel Books, Comic Books/Graphic Novels, Craft/Gardening/DIY Books, Health & Wellness Books
*We are looking for books in good condition only
*No outdated reference books please!

Bring your chipped or cracked dinnerware for the plate smash

We are looking for NEW ITEMS:

This popular raffle can’t happen without contributions from our families!  Donations of new items are collected, sorted and assembled into beautiful, themed baskets and raffled off at the Fall Fete.

Please send new items with your child – baskets are outside the office. Need some ideas?  Themes from past years have included – arts & crafts, toys, games, books, sports related items, things for the BBQ, gourmet food & kitchen items, health & exercise, home office, home spa and beauty items, items for a movie night or a rainy day, items related to gardening, chocolates, candy, coffees, teas and other gourmet/luxury items. Please think of what you would like to win when making your donations!

Donate a bottle, then try your luck at winning a case!

Back by popular demand is the parents’ favourite Fall Fête event: the Wine Raffle!  Pressed for time? This is a great way to make a Fall Fête contribution. Simply drop off a bottle of wine at the school office (please respect office quiet times). Pick a personal favourite, or something that you’d like to share (or win!).

Bottle donations will be accepted from now until Friday October 14.  All donations will be assembled into cases to be raffled off at the Fête.  Last year ten lucky winners each went home with a case of assorted wines. Cheers!

One of the key fundraising events at the Fete, the Silent Auction gives parents and kids the opportunity to bid on some fantastic experiences and articles.

We are looking for hot items, including tickets (sports, music, theatre) and getaways at a cottage, hotel or resort. Any exciting connections you have can help make the auction even better. Please contact erin.mccaughan@gmail.com if you have something to donate.

If you are interested in knowing more, or want to get involved, you can email Erin at erin.mccaughan@gmail.com or use the contact form at the bottom of the Fall Fete page.

See you at the Fete!

The Fall Fete Needs YOU!

Hello Howard Community,

This year’s Fall Fete is coming together but we still need to fill some key positions!
Are you handy? Like using tools and putting stuff together??  This is a great job for someone who can’t commit a bunch of time beforehand but can take the lead setting up the beloved Mini-putt and the ever popular TOILET TOSS and plate smash!  The games coordinator comes in on the Friday before the Fete at 3:30, and helps to set up the games and makes sure that we have volunteers for the games during the Fete.  There are lots of veterans who know the drill and are happy to help out but we need someone to step up and take the lead!
Chez Howard Lunch Table
This is a crucial part of the Fall Fete.  The FOOD!  We have had an amazing duo organizing all of the generous donations of food from our Roncy restaurant partners for FIVE years and they are looking for some eager foodie parents to partner with them and learn the ropes.  Many of our coordinators have been in these roles for years and they are looking to pass the torch to the next generation of parents.
Book and Costume Sale
Every year we have an amazing Book and Costume Sale and we already have one amazing and experienced coordinator, but we need someone else to share this job.  This involves helping to sort the books the day before the Fete and then making sure we have volunteers the day of.  We also need help moving the books that didn’t sell out of the classroom.
Bouncy Castle Coordinator
The Bouncy Castles have already been booked but we need someone to meet the company when they are dropped off the morning of the Fete and then ensure we have enough volunteers. Again, not a huge job, but an important one, because it’s possible the kids would riot if there were no bouncy castles.
If you would like to take on one of these roles, please email Erin, Fall Fete Chair, at  erin.mccaughan@gmail.com
The Fall Fete is our biggest fundraiser ($25,000+), and without all of your help, it just won’t be as fun or as successful.  If you aren’t able to take on a bigger role this year, don’t worry, you can still contribute!  There will be a volunteer website set up in the coming days where you can volunteer for a 2 hour shift.  For those that sign up early, there will be an early bird draw of THREE 1 hour Registered Massage Therapy massages from Evolve Chiropractic.
There will also be a call for donations for the: book sale, the silent auction, basket raffle, wine raffle, etc.  Stay tuned!
Thank you!

Fall Fete – Thank You!

We really rocked this Fete! What a great day everyone!

I am so grateful to the entire Fall Fete committee, all of the volunteers, the bakers, the set-up and tear-down crews, the Fry-daddies, the BBQers, the Chez Howard crew, the Silent Auction committee, the “Basket Cases;)”, the book sellers, cake walkers, the face painters and hair chalkers, the wine rafflers, the money crew, Rosanna, Kris, Grace and Greg our caretaker, and every single person who came out to have fun and support our community.  We have a really special thing going on, that continues year after year, and it’s so important to recognize what we are showing our kids with an event like the fete.  Not only does it show them what can be done when a group works together, but also how much we care about them, our school, and our community.

So way to go everyone – by all accounts it looks like it was a very successful fete – we will have final numbers in the coming days!

Thanks again to all of you for taking the time to help make this event so wonderful and so successful.


Fall Fete – Baked Goods SOS and We’re Indoors Tomorrow!


If you have some spare time this evening/tomorrow morning and feel inspired, we are very low on baked goods for the bake table. What’s a Fete without an abundance of sweets?! Please drop off your nut-free goodies by 9am if you can (or when you arrive in the gym).  We appreciate all the hard work of our baking fairies (and other generous donors)!

Fall Fete – Silent Auction – Exciting Preview – Lots of Cool Stuff!

Hello Howard Families!

The Fall Fete is tomorrow but we have your silent auction sneak preview TODAY.

Please click here to check out a preview of most of the goods, services and experiences you will be able to bid on tomorrow. Many wonderful businesses from Roncesvalles, Bloor West Village, Parkdale, The Junction and beyond supported us this year so follow the link to see what’s on offer from your favourite shops, restaurants, gyms, etc.

See you tomorrow in the Library!
The Silent Auction Committee

Fall Fete – Variety Show – Performance Schedule

Variety Show Call Times
Please be at side stage and ready to perform at the beginning of your call time!
1. Madeleine, Sophia & Audrey
2. Sophie, Julia, Tyra, Cynthia & Olivia
3. Max
4. Marley & Audrey
5. Katie
6. Lyla, Clara & Gemma
7. Lucy & Ella
8. Devin Smith & Martin
9. Olivia
10. Emily & Suki
11. Matthew
12. Will
13. Kiya & Ella Ray
14. Jayden, Keava, Freya & Rael
15. Julia M.
16. Addison
17. Goodwin
18. Tallulah
19. Isabelle & Daisy
20. Nicholas
21. Rohan
22. Olivia, Cynthia, Tya, Sophie & Maia
23. Ella M.

Cakes Needed for Cake Walk and Cake Contest!


One of the most popular games at the Fete is the Cake Walk.  It is something like musical chairs and when you win – YOU WIN A CAKE!  How much fun is that?
We are also having a contest with the Cake Walk so if you are free tonight, put on your baking hat and whip up a cake.  We will be judging the cakes tomorrow at 2pm with a special guest judge from Mabel’s bakery – Three prizes will be awarded for: SCARIEST CAKE, MOST CREATIVE CAKE, and FUNNIEST CAKE.  So let your kids go crazy and creative on the cake!
You can drop off your cakes, anytime tomorrow before 2pm (if you want to be a part of the contest) or on Saturday morning.  There will be tables set up outside the office.
Happy Baking!
P.S.  Noticed that Duncan Hines cake mix and frosting is on sale at the local No Frills (for all those non-bakers like me).