Earth Hour at Howard – Friday, March 24th

Dear Parents/Guardians, Earth Hour is an international event usually held on the last Saturday of March between 8:30-9:30pm. During this hour, people around the world turn off their lights in support of addressing climate change. At Howard, we will be participating in Earth Hour on Friday, March 24, 2017 by powering down and turning offContinue reading “Earth Hour at Howard – Friday, March 24th”

Earth Day Celebration – April 22nd

This year we are celebrating Earth Day on Friday April 22nd. Here is the plan: Costumes: Students  can dress up in green or blue colours or in any sort of environmental theme (e.g. animals, plants) on Earth Day. School Yard Clean-up: Classes will be encouraged to help clean up the school yard. Mural: During lunchtime recessContinue reading “Earth Day Celebration – April 22nd”

Howard Learning Garden – Summer Watering Volunteers Needed

We seeded, planted and in the fall we will feast! …If it doesn’t die during hot, dry summer weeks.As in past years, we’re looking for volunteer families to adopt a week each and water the garden when/if it doesn’t rain.This year we have 9 weeks to fill. I’ll take the first week starting June 29Continue reading “Howard Learning Garden – Summer Watering Volunteers Needed”

Seed to Harvest Festival – Facts and Call for Volunteers

Friday, April 17 – Howard Clean Up Day! In conjunction with the City of Toronto and the TDSB, Howard students are pitching in to clean our yard. Classes will be out throughout the day with the Earth Buddies lending an extra hand at lunch. This year we have a special addition to the process: aContinue reading “Seed to Harvest Festival – Facts and Call for Volunteers”