Earth Buddies: The Great Backyard Bird Count is Happening this Weekend

Earth Buddies   the planet today and everyday! We wish to remind everyone The Great Backyard Bird Count is happening this weekend!  It’s a great chance to participate in international scientific research right in your own backyard. More info at: And as always, check out our club page regularly for new postings.  Just added: we have decided to haveContinue reading “Earth Buddies: The Great Backyard Bird Count is Happening this Weekend”

Vermicomposting Workshop for Junior Students is Tomorrow

Reminder: The vermicomposting workshop for junior students hosted by the “Earth Buddies” is tomorrow Tuesday, January 28 from 12:45-3:20 pm on the third floor. In our November waste audit, we discovered 60% of our daily trash at Howard is compostable. We’re hoping through vermicomposting, the new litterless Real Food For Real Kids lunch club andContinue reading “Vermicomposting Workshop for Junior Students is Tomorrow”

Earth Buddies needs you!

Howard’s environmental club “Earth Buddies“ has an exciting year ahead with more student members than ever before!  We’ve already had great success with our annual learning garden harvest “The Stone Soup Event” and just this week began our waste reduction campaign with a waste audit of our garbage.  This year we will continue to focus on waste reduction andContinue reading “Earth Buddies needs you!”