WE Club

WE Club

Teacher Representative: Anne Serazin, Dina El-Shimy, Eddie Ing, Dominique Desilets

Parent Representative: looking for volunteers

Who should be the primary contact if parents/students have questions?: Teacher

Description ( Please provide a brief description of the club and the activities involved): The Howard WE Club is a group of junior students who are committed to taking action in an effort to make the world a better place. The Howard WE Club is expected to support international as well as local causes.
Students in the club come up with ideas for helping others. We agree on ideas that will work within our school. This year we raised over $2000 in Rafikis bracelet sales to support education initiatives in various countries in need. WE Club thanks the Howard School community for being supportive of our fundraisers!

Eligibility (Who is eligible to participate): Junior students (grades 4 to 6)

Enrollment (When do students join? Can they sign up any time?): Preferably students join the club in September, but we welcome members throughout the year.

Time, Day(s) and Location of Activity: The WE Club meets Wednesdays after school from 3:30 – 4:30 in Area 22

Accessories & Attire ( what does the child need to bring or wear?): No special accessories or attire required.

Fees (If there are any costs associated with club membership please list them here):: No costs involved

Are you looking for parent volunteers?: Yes