Parenting Workshop Monday April 8, 7-9pm

Hello again Howard friends and families, Our next Parenting Workshop is Monday, April 8th 7-9pm, in the Howard Library. Lee Piepgrass, who lives in this neighbourhood, has worked for over 30 years as a parent counselor and behaviour consultant at ErinoakKids, Ontario’s largest Provincial Children’s Treatment Centre, with children and young people between the agesContinue reading “Parenting Workshop Monday April 8, 7-9pm”

Thank You to Dance-a-thon Participants and Volunteers

Hello Howard Families! It seems fitting that on another “snow day” I should report on our Dance-a-thon!  Thanks to everyone who participated, and to all the parents who dropped by on dance day to enjoy the music and help supervise.  Special thanks to Adrienne Gordon who helped me count donations.  And thank you to theContinue reading “Thank You to Dance-a-thon Participants and Volunteers”

Parenting Workshop March 4th 7-9pm

Hello again Howard friends and families, Our last Parent Workshop on Developmental Milestones was both informative and fun!  Not only were parenting discussions flowing,  some of us met a few fellow parents too! Our next Parenting Workshop is Monday, March 4th, 7-9pm, in the Howard Library. Parenting Topic: Discipline, limits and guidance… What are the rules in your house,Continue reading “Parenting Workshop March 4th 7-9pm”