Earth Buddies-Stone Soup-Bring Your Veggies, Mugs & Spoons!

Picture by: Kiara Hey Howard! The Earth Buddies are preparing for the annual Stone Soup event in the learning garden this Friday, October 16 (raindate Monday, October 19). Throughout the afternoon classes come out, eat soup and listen to the classic story. While we try to make the delicious soup from harvested vegetables in the learning gardenContinue reading “Earth Buddies-Stone Soup-Bring Your Veggies, Mugs & Spoons!”


Sure it’s COOL we are Eco-friendly. But it’s AWESOME to know we could also survive a Zombie Apocalypse! @ Earth Buddies:  we learn to conserve energy and explore alternatives from the sun and wind  we learn to grow and harvest our own food, the importance of compost and worms, not pesticides we learn how to reuse and recycle stuff weContinue reading “EARTH BUDDIES – SIGN UP NOW!”