Earth Buddies-Stone Soup-Bring Your Veggies, Mugs & Spoons!

Stone SoupPicture by: Kiara

Hey Howard!

The Earth Buddies are preparing for the annual Stone Soup event in the learning garden this Friday, October 16 (raindate Monday, October 19). Throughout the afternoon classes come out, eat soup and listen to the classic story.

While we try to make the delicious soup from harvested vegetables in the learning garden which we planted last spring, sadly our garden has been ravaged by critters so in keeping with the theme of community collaboration we need your help.

Please bring a vegetable to the garden Friday morning before the bell – preferably in a reusable container which you can take with you after donating to the chefs.  Also, bring a reusable mug and spoonThis will be a fun, waste-free event!



Sure it’s COOL we are Eco-friendly.

But it’s AWESOME to know we could also survive a Zombie Apocalypse!

@ Earth Buddies:

  •  we learn to conserve energy and explore alternatives from the sun and wind
  •  we learn to grow and harvest our own food, the importance of compost and worms, not pesticides
  • we learn how to reuse and recycle stuff
  • we learn to reduce the waste we leave behind (like smelly tracks that lead to zombie attacks:)

Join us!

We meet every second Thursday at lunch (12-12:40)
Area 41
to design and plan
eco-activities and contests
for the whole school
Boys, girls grades 3-6
and parent volunteers welcome!
*first meeting is: Thursday, October 8
**sign up forms available outside a. 41

Seed to Harvest Festival – Facts and Call for Volunteers

Friday, April 17 – Howard Clean Up Day!

In conjunction with the City of Toronto and the TDSB, Howard students are pitching in to clean our yard. Classes will be out throughout the day with the Earth Buddies lending an extra hand at lunch.

This year we have a special addition to the process: a recycle bin for our protective gloves!

It’s always gross to see litter where we play, learn and grow but the spring melt exposes months of buried “treasure” – help us clean the yard by supporting your children in their efforts!



Seed to Harvest Festival – Facts and Call for Volunteers

5 things about Howard’s school-wide “Seed to Harvest Festival”: (REVISED!)

s2h 5 steps 1

s2h 5 steps 2

s2h 5 steps 3

s2h 5 steps 4

s2h 5 steps 5

s2h 5 steps 6


We need 2-3 parent volunteers to help per session of upcoming seeding:
Monday, April 20 morning – Areas: 11, 12, 14, 21, 22, 23, 24 & 25
Monday, April 20 afternoon – Areas: 26, 27, 28, 31, 32, 33, 34 & 35
Tuesday April 21 morning – Areas: 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41 & 42
Please contact the Earth Buddy Parent Lead


Hey Howard!

The EARTH BUDDIES have been hard at work this year helping to make our school community more environmentally friendly, here’s a brief update:

  • Green Bins rolled out January 2015 organic waste from lunches are collected in the gym, recyclable dry waste is collected in common areas and washrooms. FAST FACT: We learned Toronto’s organic waste facilities generate their own operating power through the composting process.
  • Litterless Lunch and Boomerang Lunch will continue to be promoted even with the advent of green bins, remember: It’s not waste until you waste it.
  • We’ve teamed up with SHAC on Walk to School Day and The Big Crunch as both events promote environmental health as well as individual health.
  • Our winter/spring focus is on energy conservation and sustainable sources – happily coinciding with the Battery Blitz and daylight savings time. We kicked this theme off with a fantastic guest speaker and Howard parent – thank you Robert – the club will share what they learned with Howard students in our awareness campaign. Coming soon will be inter-class and school-wide competitions on the topic with prizes awarded including our infamous potluck picnic!
  • We’re off to the movies! As part of Earth Month the EB club will head to the Royal (a bullfrog powered theatre) to see “Dark Side of the Chew” a documentary about the devastating environmental affects of chewing gum. While we can’t take all students with us, we will report back.
  • We have requested more bike racks and a water bottle filling station from the ECOschools office to make it easier for all Howard students and staff to reduce their carbon footprint.
  • And finally, we’re gearing up for Earth Week events including the annual parade, murals, paperless day and lights off day, seed planting and more.

As always, parent involvement is encouraged – please see our club page for contact info.