Are We On The Right Track?

Wednesday night, during our monthly School Council meeting, there were a number of issues that arose regarding the immediate future of our school and what impact that will have on our children.

If you missed the meeting, please Watch the recording and consider taking action.

Here’s a summary of what was discussed:
  • School boundaries
    • The boundaries are being re-drawn to better align with population changes in our area
    • What impact will this have on you? Watch the recording of the meeting, particularly starting at minute 22.
    • Want your voice heard? email Kathy.Narraway[at]rogers[dot]com (aka Pizza Grandma)
  • Black student success
    • Suzy updated us on what is happening in the school for Black History Month
    • Monica provided overview of an event for grownups being hosted along with Fern, Parkdale and other area schools. Details TBA
    • Alice gave us insight into the important work of the Black Student Success Committee, a parent-led group supporting Black student achievement and well-being in Parkdale. There is a role for each of us in raising awareness and taking action.
  • Monica updated us on
    • The state of our library and opportunities for improvement
    • TDSB’s process PR728 – find out what that means about reporting racist, sexist, homophobic language and incidents
  • Key Dates

Published by Howard Council

This account is run by volunteers of the Howard Junior Public School Council, the parent and family council that supports the school with fundraising and other initiatives.

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