Did you miss the meeting?

That’s okay. We made a recording…

Watch or listen to the recording from last night’s school meeting.

Here’s a summary of what was discussed:
  • Esme gave a detailed rundown of the different classes we’ll have at Howard next year
    • given projected numbers of students, how many classes of each grade are being planned for
    • straight versus combined grades
    • music, art and specialists
    • class sizes & staffing
  • Championing the English program at Howard!
    • it seems the best kept secret is how good the English stream at Howard is…
    • parents have been extoling the virtues of the quality of learning and experience
    • a group is coming together to share their stories and help raise the profile of the program
    • for more info, email howardschoolcouncil@gmail.com
  • Key Dates
    • May 28 – free workshop for parents* #1
    • June 1 – free workshop #2
    • June 9 – free workshop #3
    • June 17 – Last council meeting of the year
    • June 23 – Grade 6 Graduation!

*Howard Public School Council is offering a series of three free workshops to support parents & caregivers in raising a child in an anti-racist framework. Details coming soon!

Published by Howard Council

This account is run by volunteers of the Howard Junior Public School Council, the parent and family council that supports the school with fundraising and other initiatives.

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