Returning the favour – how to help now

Over the years, our school has benefited from the help of our neighbours on the Roncesvalles main street and beyond.
Now is the time for us to help them!
Their sponsorship, donations and in-kind support make it possible for us to invest in things like iPads, books, art trips, sports equipment and so much more. They’ve provided silent auction items; donated food (and booze); printed, filmed, branded and otherwise donated their professional services and expertise. Without their support, we wouldn’t have the resources to put on major events or create the opportunities we want for our kids.
If you are spending money, please spend it within the Howard Community.
Here are some suggestions on how you can return the favour to those that have helped Howard in the past:
  1. Check out the list of loyal Howard Sponsors, Donors, Partners & Friends
    • We know you’ll find some familiar names on this list!
    • Please let us know if we’ve missed anyone…
  2. Visit their websites and online stores
    • Many businesses have started online ordering, curbside pickup and even to-your-door deliveries!
    • Pre-purchase things that you know you’ll need in the future (like summer camps, hair cuts, bike tune-ups, etc.). Even though most store fronts are closed, they still have expenses and need cash to flow now!
  3. Get social: follow the Howard parent volunteer social channels for ongoing ideas, stories and news about our neighbours.
    • Every year (sometimes more than once a year), volunteers from Fall Fete, Spring Social, Home & School Council, and now also, the School Yard Project ask local businesses to help the school.
    • Now, instead of asking for money, we’ve been asking how we can help. The response from businesses has been tremendous! They are buoyed to know that we are thinking of them and putting into action this community campaign to show our support
    • Our hope is that our social channels will give you a one-stop-spot with information about which of our neighbouring businesses is offering what.
    • Pick one of the channels below to follow or follow them all!
Our community is arguably one of the best in the city, if not the whole country. Let’s show our neighbours what that really means!
Join us in this campaign.
Stay safe, stay home, stay strong.
The parent volunteers
of the Home & School Council, School Yard Campaign, Spring Social and others.


Published by Howard Council

This account is run by volunteers of the Howard Junior Public School Council, the parent and family council that supports the school with fundraising and other initiatives.

2 thoughts on “Returning the favour – how to help now

  1. Thank you so much for encouraging our neighbours to shop locally.

    We all very much appreciate it. Every little bit helps.

    Let’s hope this is over soon

  2. Hi,

    Thanks so much for this. It’s a great idea. I did notice that ‘The Dizzy’ isn’t on there and they have supported the food at fall fete for many years. Could we add them to the list?
    The owner’s wife is a friend of ours and they are lovely people who need our support. They have continued to support Howard even though their own kids go to another school.

    Many thanks,
    Lesley Graham

    Sent from my iPhone

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