We are excited to give our community an update on the Howard Yard project.

Planning is underway with the TDSB and the landscape architects to finalize the MASTER PLAN for the yard.  Just to remind everyone, the TDSB has identified the field at Howard as one of the worst in the city. The TDSB has committed to funding the replacement of the existing field with turf. This gives Howard a ONCE IN A GENERATION OPPORTUNITY to make some amazing improvements in the yard by fundraising, because all of the construction equipment will be onsite. The TDSB and landscape architects are making a plan based on consultations done last spring with parents, students, and teachers.  Some of the exciting plans include revitalizing the basketball courts to include more basketball nets and make it a multi-sport court, more seating, areas for imaginative play, and a renewed outdoor classroom.

How much we accomplish of this plan just depends on how much money we can raise! We will be approaching local businesses, local corporations, and having some great community events like the ever popular SPRING SOCIAL.

Our next fundraising event is the great Howard tradition — the DANCE-A-THON! This is such a fun day for the kids, where every single class gets a chance during the day on February 21st to come and dance in the gym, which is transformed into a super fun disco-gym!  The kids had a pep rally last week, and pledge packages are on the way. Our fundraising goal is for each child to try to raise $40 — or more if they can! We will follow up later this week with more details!

Published by Howard Council

This account is run by volunteers of the Howard Junior Public School Council, the parent and family council that supports the school with fundraising and other initiatives.

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