Reminder: Bag 2 School (tomorrow) AND Lion King Costume Drive

Hi Howard Families!!

Just a joint reminder that there is a Bag 2 School clothing drive collection tomorrow AND that the Lion King musical NEEDS used clothes for costumes. If there was ever a great time to spend 15  mins doing a closet purge, it’s tonight!

Drop off for Bag 2 School is tomorrow morning outside the Howard Park doors. 

And the Lion King production will gladly take the following (boxes/bins will be outside the office for drop-off:

  • Black, Grey, tan ( Cotton ) Clothing (size 10 and up)
    We need everything: t-shirts, hoodies, plain leggings, long sleeves. HOODIES – even adult sized ones.
  • Please, NO JEANS, cords, slacks.  Just leggings and cotton.
  • If there is a small logo don’t worry. If it’s full logo, We won’t be able to use it.
  • ALSO searching for ANYTHING cheetah print or leopard print.
  • FUN FUR – any and all.
  • Halloween masks that might be an animal.
  • Hard hats.

Thanks for helping to reduce waste AND support this year’s musical!

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