Seeking community involvement + leadership for Black History Month events

Hello from the Home and School Council Equity Committee!

Together with the administration, we are organizing a school-wide event for Black History Month for Howard students and families. We want this event – which will be held at the end of February – to be a meaningful celebration of Black history and culture that strengthens connections among students and families in our community.

We’re looking for leadership from community members! In order to hold a meaningful and relevant event, we are seeking input from the diverse Howard community, in particular from those with a connection to Black communities.

If you’re a Howard community member and would like to get involved with this event, please reach out. There are lots of ways to be involved, including, but not limited to:

  • Joining the equity committee
  • Attending a January meeting with the school’s equity committee, administrators, and the Home and School equity committee to plan this event
  • Leading this event, with support from the school’s admin and Home and School equity committee
  • Offering connections to presenters (or providing suggestions of possible presenters)
  • Privately offering feedback to the Home and School equity committee regarding the process and/or content

If you’re interested in learning more, please email the Home and School Equity Committee via the contacts listed here:

  • Midori:
  • Erika:
  • Renu:

Thank you!

The Home and School Equity Committee

Published by Howard Council

This account is run by volunteers of the Howard Junior Public School Council, the parent and family council that supports the school with fundraising and other initiatives.

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