One more sleep until Fall Fete!

Thank-you to those who have donated and/or volunteered in the past few days!  Things are shaping up for Fall Fete. 

It’s not too late to still contribute to this amazing event!

BAKE TABLE: We need your yummy baked goods!  We have two tables with space just for your kitchen creations.  Try out a new recipe or bring an old family favorite.  Cookies, cake, breads, pastries, anything you can whip up!  If you can’t find time to bake today we will gladly take a purchased donation from a yummy local bakery.  Gluten-free also welcome.  Please drop off all baked goods to the gym after 3:30 on Friday or before 9am on Saturday morning.

WINE RAFFLE: The easiest way to contribute to the Fall Fete. Drop off a bottle of wine (suggested minimum of $15) to the office to be assembled into cases to be won.

 BASKET RAFFLE:  We are still accepting donations for the Basket Raffle.  Help us create some unique baskets by donating new items.   This could include items for the BBQ, cooking, entertaining, spa essentials or an experience!

We look forward to seeing everyone between 10-2 on Saturday October 19th.   It’s going to be a blast!

Your Fall Fete Co-Chairs

Olivia Burgess & Nancy Collett

Published by Howard Council

This account is run by volunteers of the Howard Junior Public School Council, the parent and family council that supports the school with fundraising and other initiatives.

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