🎵 Music News from Ms. Jonas 🎵


Congratulations to all the students from A36, 38 and 40 who participated in Kiwanis this year. They did a wonderful job singing at Earl Haig Secondary School. Our wonderful adjudicators, Matthew Otto and Kevin Zakresky, gave positive comments! Matthew worked with the Howard group and it was a great experience for all. A special thank you to our grade 6 teachers for supporting the music program in this way and to Ms. Janes, our office administrator, for all of her work on this project.

Marlies Game

All students in grades 3-6 are welcome to sing at the Marlies game, along with Mme. Gaudreault’s grade 2/3 split class.

Tickets will be sold only for ONE MORE WEEK so make sure you get your tickets early so you won’t be disappointed! There is a Marlies “swag basket” up for draw for any students who buy tickets before March 8th. It will be on display outside the office. It includes: 1 Marlies snapback hat, 2 Marlies toques, 1Connor Brown bobblehead, 1 Marlies foam puck, 1 Marlies bookmark, 2 Marlies wristbands, 2 Marlies erasers, 2 Marlies pencils, 2 Marlies pens and 1 Marlies pencil holder!

Buy tickets before March 8th for a chance to win! Everyone who has already purchased tickets will also be entered in the draw!

Our first rehearsal will be on Thursday, March 7th at noon in the music room. Ms. Jonas will pick up participating students from the lunchroom. If your child eats lunch in the daycare, please let the staff know that they should send your child down to the music room at 12:00.


Area 39 and 43 have been given their permission forms — please send them back as soon as possible!


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One thought on “🎵 Music News from Ms. Jonas 🎵

  1. Hello,

    What were the positive comments re: Howard’s performance at the Kiwanis festival this year? Did we receive a podium finish?

    Thank you for the update.


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