Music News from Ms. Jonas

Congratulations to all the students in grades 2/3-6 who performed in the concert last Wednesday. They did a wonderful job! Thank you to all the parents who attended.
Kiwanis Music Festival
All students from Area 38 (Mme. Rachadi), Area 36 (Mr. Wulf) and Area 40 (Mr. Ganly) will participate in the Kiwanis Music Festival this year. It will take place on Wednesday, February 27th at 12:30 pm at Earl Haig Secondary School. Family members are welcome to watch the performance, and the Kiwanis will charge $5.00 entry for all audience members at the door. Stay tuned for permission forms which should be coming home some time next week. We will need some volunteers so please save the date!
Marlies Game
Howard Music is performing at the game on Sunday, March 24th, 4:00 pm at the Coca-Cola Coliseum. Tickets will be available through school cash online until March 8th at midnight. Grades 3-6 (plus Mme. Gaudreault’s grade 2-3 split) will be performing in the first and second intermissions and will be invited to a post game family skate. All are welcome to purchase tickets and attend in any grade to support the Marlies and the Howard Music Program.
Area 43 and 39 are signed up to sing at Artsfest on Thursday, March 28th at 10:10 am at Perth Ave. Public School.

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This account is run by volunteers of the Howard Junior Public School Council, the parent and family council that supports the school with fundraising and other initiatives.

One thought on “Music News from Ms. Jonas

  1. I’m son is not in the music program but is in Mme Yam’s grade 4 class, and wants to attend this game. He also wants to skate on the ice afterwards, and hopes to bring his cousin from another school who is a huge Marlies fan. Will they also be invited to skate on the ice post game? Or is it just the Music students that are invited?

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