Help us Raise our Fundraising Goal

Hello from your friendly neighbourhood Fundraising Team!  

The Fall Fete was a huge success, in raising funds and bringing our community together. Let’s finish our fall fundraising by meeting our $15,000 goal in our Direct Ask Campaign.

THANK YOU to those who have donated. We are at $4,000!  Capture

Please help us help the environment and reduce the number of trinkets and magazines making their way into your house. Unlike QSP which gave us only $0.32 on the dollar, every dollar we raise goes to Howard Home & School, for things like:

  • sports equipment
  • new computers
  • theatre, dance and music experiences
  • mental health supports
  • visiting artists
  • new playground equipment
  • STEM initiatives and more!

Tell your kids about the Milestone Celebrations that will be rolling out over the next few weeks:

MILESTONE #1: When we reach $5,000, students will have Bring a STUFFY TO SCHOOL Day!

If you have not yet donated, please do so. This is an optional and private donation. The suggested donation amount is $50 per student. If you can donate more, please do. Not only to support our children’s programming but also to cover the donation for a family who is not in a position to donate. All donations, small or large, are appreciated. Donations of over $20 receive a tax receipt.

How Do I Donate?
The method of payment is via You will not see a donation item listed under your child’s name. Instead, at the top right of the main screen, click on “Items” and then “Make a Donation”. Please choose Fund Destination: Howard Junior Public School. The platform is facilitated through the TDSB, but all funds raised go to Howard Home & School.

May I Still Buy Magazines Through QSP?
Yes, absolutely. Any time of year you may purchase magazines through QSP and $0.32 of each dollar spent will go to the Howard Home & School. Go to and use your login from last year, or sign up and use Howard’s online ID 3721164.

Thank you for your support!!
Howard Fundraising Team – Gail Cecil, Sheila Gibb, Denise Gray, Sophie Kierulf, Leslie Nicholson

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