Home and School Council Elections on September 26

We elect our executive at the meeting on Wednesday. The executive is made up of a chair (or two co-chairs), a vice chair, secretary, treasurer and at large members. All positions are voted in each year for the one-year term. If you are interested in running for one of the positions either let Michelle know at mcbride.mclennan@gmail.com or stand up at the meeting.

In general, the co-chairs and vice chair are responsible for:

  • collaboration with the School Administration
  • Prepare for and preside over council and executive committee meetings (typically 6-7 council meetings a year)
  • Work with committees to deliver parent council’s core business
  • Attend school events to promote parent council
  • Work with the Treasurer to be current on all financial matters of the council and Secretary in drafting meeting agendas
  • Submit required reports to the TDSB
  • Provide a report to members at each council meeting updating them on any activities or new information that comes your way.

In general, the treasurer:

  • Work with council to prepare an annual budget
  • Process and record all financial transactions on behalf of the council
  • Prepare bi-monthly financial reports and present at subsequent meetings
  • Remind council members to adhere to the budget when considering new ideas
  • Complete any financial documents required by the council, school, board or Ministry
  • Prepare an annual financial report
  • Participate in all executive and council discussions and voting

In general, the secretary:

  • Drafts meeting agendas
  • Distribute draft minutes from previous meeting with agenda, via email
  • Record minutes for all meetings
  • Maintain a file of all approved minutes, agendas and reports/materials distributed to members at meetings
  • Forward agenda and approved minutes to school contact for posting on Howard website
  • Attend executive and council meetings and participate in discussions and voting

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