Howard Fall Fundraising Drive!!

Every year the Howard Home & School Council thinks about how we, as parents, can enrich our kids’ learning experiences. Through fantastic events like the Fall Fete, the Home & School Council community builds, raises money, and funds a diversity of programming and equipment:

  • sports equipment
  • new computers
  • theatre, dance and music experiences
  • mental health supports
  • visiting artists
  • new playground equipment
  • STEM initiatives and more!

The QSP Magazine Drive has been a major fundraiser for Howard Home & School annually. For every dollar spent on QSP purchases, Howard receives about $0.32. We want to do better!

Enter: Our new Direct Donation Fundraising Initiative.

With a direct donation, every dollar goes to Howard. This is a chance to phase out QSP — and, in the spirit of being a certified EcoSchool, end the related trinkets and environmental waste! All while raising as much or more money for our students.

Our goal this year is to raise $15,000 through direct donations.

This is an optional and private donation. The suggested donation amount is $50 per student. If you can donate more than that, please do. Not only to support our programming but also to help cover the donation for a family who is not in a position to donate.

All donations, small or large, are appreciated. Donations of over $20 receive a tax receipt.

The method of payment is via Click on “Items” and then “Make a Donation”.

Thank you for your support!!

Howard Fundraising Team Gail Cecil, Sheila Gibb, Denise Gray, Sophie Kierulf, Leslie Nicholson

One thought on “Howard Fall Fundraising Drive!!

  1. Hi fundraising team,

    I think this is a great idea! I will happily support, and appreciate not adding to the junky plastic toys.

    Warm regards, Liz

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