Grade Six Graduation – Save The Date – Tuesday June 26th – 5:00pm

It is hard to imagine, but the time has come. Please mark your calendar for this special graduation celebration.

Ceremony 5:00 pm for grads and families – social and light refreshments for all – to be followed by a Dance for the grads only.

 Grade Six Parents – If you are interested joining the Grad Committee to plan this event please contact:, we are looking for help with the following:

  • Committee Leader
  • Yearbook / Slideshow — creating / coordinating (work with Andie and the grade 6 teachers and parents to obtain shots from the year)
  • Entertainment / Event Coordinators – talk to the grads – see what they would like, get them involved in creating – then organize music, lights, decor, activities for the kids only dance portion
  • Food Coordinators – plan the food and beverage for family reception after the ceremony
  • Tickets (determine how to handle tickets, follow-up with grads for confirmation, obtain a headcount for ordering food)
  • Budget – help committee plan and track expenses
  • Photographer (to capture kids coming off stage and take pictures during the reception)
  • Communications – (set up email list of grade 6 emails, create and send out blog posts)
  • Grade 5 Volunteer Coordinator – set up tasks for grade 5 parents – they execute the evening so the grade 6 parents can enjoy

Let us know if you have a specific interest or simply would like to be involved.

 Grade 5 Parents – As is the tradition, we will be asking you to graciously step in to run the evening (once it is all organized) so that Grade 6 parents can enjoy celebration. A volunteer sign-up will follow.


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