Volunteers requested for Winter Carnival, March 2nd

Howard will be having a “Carnaval” this year!  It will consist of an exciting morning where students from grades 1 to 5 will be on teams that will travel from activity to activity where they will be met by Grade 6 students running the stations.

The teachers organizing the winter carnival are requesting 6 parent volunteers to help with our 2 food/drink stations.

Responsibilities for March 2nd would include:
-selection of food/drink (possibly hot apple cider for one station and something to eat at the other -preferably something French-Canadian/maple-“syrupy”)
-purchasing items/procuring equipment for preparation
-preparing food/drink
-serving to students
-taking down the station

We would be so grateful to have this assistance!

Please inform Jill Durrant of your interest at jill.durrant@tdsb.on.ca .

Un gros merci!
Howard Carnaval Committee