Fall Fete 2017

We did it again!

We had a blast on Saturday, and judging by the cotton candy and slime table line ups, so did the kids.  We also raised a bunch of money!  Mission accomplished.

This event is a ton of work and we would like to thank every coordinator and volunteer who made it all come together.  From those who worked so hard in the weeks leading up to the Fete, those who stayed late on Friday, or came early on Saturday (and I mean dark early), and everyone who pulled a shift (or two) during the Fete, and then those who helped with the massive clean-up job. THANK YOU for helping this all come together!

Thank you to our community and restaurant sponsors who help us take our Fall Fete to new levels of fun and gastronomic delight. We are so fortunate to live in neighbourhood where the local businesses donate so generously.

Thank you to our Principal Rosanna and VP Elizabeth, who were so supportive and helpful throughout.

Thank you to all of the teachers and staff at Howard for helping to promote the Fete, and special thanks to those who volunteered and attended. The kids loved seeing you there!

Thank you to the caretaking staff who worked so hard all day to help get the school ready and then cleaned up in the aftermath.

We will have a final tally of how much we raised in the coming days.

Thank-you again,
Your Fall Fete Co-Chairs
Erin, Nancy & Olivia





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