It is Cross Country Season

Grade 3-6 students

Practices will be Monday, Wednesday  and Friday mornings 7:45-8:30.  Please meet in the gym ready to participate outdoors.  Runners will get time to eat breakfast after practice.  Please send food, as well as a change of clothes (they get sweaty and sometimes wet!). Practices start September 11.

Grade 1-2

Practices will be Tuesday and Thursday  @ lunch. Students will run at 11:45-12:10ish and then be given time to eat lunch.  Please send them with a lunch.  If your child eats in daycare we will make appropriate arrangements with the staff (please let the daycare know that your child is participating)  Practices will start September 19th. I will let you know about October when I know the date of the meet.

Information about our meets will be sent at a later date.

Notes for grade 3-6 handed out this week. Grade 1-2 will get notes next week.

Catherine Ringler