Class Contact List – Updates for Next Year

Hello Howard Community,
The Class Contact Lists will be updated over the summer and draft copies will be going home in September. Please let Pamela Smith know if you have any problems with the list (your child’s info was missing this year, your email address has changed, you’ll be moving, you wish to be removed from the list).
Grade 6 student’s information will automatically be removed from the database but all other children’s information will be compiled into next year’s Class Lists.
Your email address is the most important piece of information because, in an effort to save on paper, we only email the Draft copy.
If you were on this year’s Class Contact List, your information was correct and you require no changes, you don’t need to do anything.
If you require changes, blank Consent Forms are in the office, or email Pamela Smith the following details (only the top 3 fields are necessary, the rest are voluntary):
Student Name:
Email Address Parent/Caregiver 1:
Mobile Phone Parent/Caregiver 1:
Street Address Parent/Caregiver 1:
Home Phone Parent/Caregiver 1:
Email Address Parent/Caregiver 2:
Mobile Phone Parent/Caregiver 2:
Street Address Parent/Caregiver 2:
Home Phone Parent/Caregiver 2:
Siblings at Howard:
Thank you and have a wonderful summer!

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