Important Update – YAY WE HAVE DOORS!

We are very excited to announce that Doors and many of them, arrived at Howard yesterday.  Each Howard classroom currently missing a door (or two) will have a new frame and door installed. Installation will start March 27, 2017 by TDSB crews, unfortunately during the school day.  This work may cause some minor inconvenience and noise, but shortly, we will have quieter classrooms where our children will be able to hear their teacher and not be distracted by irrelevant noise from the surrounding area.

These doors, a seemingly small upgrade, will have a MAJOR and positive impact on the learning environment and safe operation of the school. Current parents and admin staff and previous parents and staff have been working on this infrastructure project for OVER 10 years now.  We are thrilled for all our students, teachers and staff this is finally happening.

We are very grateful to the TDSB and the Sustainability Team at the Board for funding and completing this project in a safe and sustainable manner. We would like to sincerely thank Friends of Howard Trust, the Howard Home and School Association, Rosanna and her team and all parents who were involved in last year’s Door Days campaign – for that matter a sincere thanks to all parents who have fought for doors over the past decade.

It is a quieter and good day for Howard!

Parents and Your Partners at Friends of Howard Trust
Aileen MacDonald

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