SAVE THE DATE – Dance-a-thon Friday, February 10th, 2017

This year the Parent Association has voted to donate the proceeds from Dance-a-thon to a sister school within the TDSB in order to assist them in the purchase of special equipment for their autism centre and to provide an alumni night for their community.
I personally feel fortunate to live in this supportive and privileged neighbourhood where we are able to raise funds for not only our own children’s needs, but also to share part of that wealth with others who can put it to good use. Especially in the world we are living in, it’s so important to remember that we are all existing on different locations of the same life continuum, and that our location can shift at any given time, without notice.
I hope that we can all bring forward our generous and supportive spirits, and make this Dance-a-thon as successful as the ones before.
Happy fundraising!
Dance-a-thon coordinator
Mahshad Aryafar

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