Fall Fete Talent Show Line-Up

Please see the line-up for the Talent Show at tomorrow’s Fall Fete! We ask that students arrive ready to perform at least five minutes before their call time so we can keep the show running smoothly!  The Talent Show will either be inside Ms. Casey’s room on the first floor, or outside Ms. Casey’s room on the playground, depending on how the weather cooperates!  We are looking forward to a great show!


Sasha/Suki/Emily (33)
Alessandro and Pavle (43)
Henry (31)
Lucy/Ella/Emily/Clara (43/31/31)
Rachel and Julia (39/33)
Liam (24)
Ellie (41)
Godwinn (39)
Saira/Evi/Astrid (43/31/31)
Freya (SK)
Tallulah (41)
Addy and Audrey (32/41)
Sally/Saima/Esme / Jason (31/43/43/43)
Elliot (24)
Gabrielle/Marguerite (38)
Evan (31)
Lordan (38)
Audrey (32)
Gracie (39)
Madeleine/Noami/Anthea (32)
Maizey/Josey (39)
Anya / Miranda /Claire / Ezra (33/37/39/39)
Will (31)
Audrey/Ariel/Sophia/Isla (41)
Rohan (43)
Katie (31)

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