QSP Update – Tuesday is Animal Services Day

QSP Update – Tuesday is Animal Services Day
Dear Howard Families!
We’re into our 2nd week of the QSP campaign with almost $24,000 in sales!  Last year this fundraiser generated close to $11,000 profit for the school, but in past years we’ve made up to $17,000 or more.  We can do it again if we reach our goal of $44,000 in sales by the end of the week!
The top three selling families have sales of $718, $670 and $462 respectively, and several other families have sales in the $300-$400 range.  Great effort so far everyone!

Don’t forget that Tuesday is Animal Services Day.  Kids can bring in a favourite stuffie and we will be collecting used towels, sheets, blankets, new cat and dog toys (NOT dollar store stuff, please, it’s quite fragile) or old leashes and litter boxes for our furry friends at Toronto Animal Services.  There is a box set up outside the nurse’s office (next to the main office) for you to drop off your donations and I will leave it there for the week in case you forget.

Please note:  Tomorrow morning I will distribute fox keychains for paper orders received up to Friday, and online orders to Sunday night.  After that I will need to wait until I get more supplies – in the meantime, kids can listen for the daily wristband draw, and start thinking about what to choose from their “Pick A Prize” forms!

Thank you for your support.  We count on your participation!

Sophie Kierulf, QSP volunteer

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