The Fall Fete Needs YOU!

Hello Howard Community,

This year’s Fall Fete is coming together but we still need to fill some key positions!
Are you handy? Like using tools and putting stuff together??  This is a great job for someone who can’t commit a bunch of time beforehand but can take the lead setting up the beloved Mini-putt and the ever popular TOILET TOSS and plate smash!  The games coordinator comes in on the Friday before the Fete at 3:30, and helps to set up the games and makes sure that we have volunteers for the games during the Fete.  There are lots of veterans who know the drill and are happy to help out but we need someone to step up and take the lead!
Chez Howard Lunch Table
This is a crucial part of the Fall Fete.  The FOOD!  We have had an amazing duo organizing all of the generous donations of food from our Roncy restaurant partners for FIVE years and they are looking for some eager foodie parents to partner with them and learn the ropes.  Many of our coordinators have been in these roles for years and they are looking to pass the torch to the next generation of parents.
Book and Costume Sale
Every year we have an amazing Book and Costume Sale and we already have one amazing and experienced coordinator, but we need someone else to share this job.  This involves helping to sort the books the day before the Fete and then making sure we have volunteers the day of.  We also need help moving the books that didn’t sell out of the classroom.
Bouncy Castle Coordinator
The Bouncy Castles have already been booked but we need someone to meet the company when they are dropped off the morning of the Fete and then ensure we have enough volunteers. Again, not a huge job, but an important one, because it’s possible the kids would riot if there were no bouncy castles.
If you would like to take on one of these roles, please email Erin, Fall Fete Chair, at
The Fall Fete is our biggest fundraiser ($25,000+), and without all of your help, it just won’t be as fun or as successful.  If you aren’t able to take on a bigger role this year, don’t worry, you can still contribute!  There will be a volunteer website set up in the coming days where you can volunteer for a 2 hour shift.  For those that sign up early, there will be an early bird draw of THREE 1 hour Registered Massage Therapy massages from Evolve Chiropractic.
There will also be a call for donations for the: book sale, the silent auction, basket raffle, wine raffle, etc.  Stay tuned!
Thank you!

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