2016/2017 Class List Consent Forms

The 2016/17 Class Contact Lists are coming! But we are still missing a lot of purple consent forms. (JK/SK New Students were white)

A draft copy of your child’s Class Contact List will be emailed next Monday, September 26th.  If we have not received consent from you, we cannot include your child’s information in their Class Contact List.  If you need to submit a Consent Form, please either send it in, get a fresh one from the office or email your information to howardclasslist@gmail.com

We will need the following information, for one or both parents/guardians:
-your email address(s)
-your child’s name(s)
-your name(s)
-you can choose to include your street address and/or phone numbers.

Finally copies of each student’s list will be emailed the following Monday, October 3rd, and paper copies being sent home a few days later.

Thank you to the teachers, office staff and parents for your efforts in creating this excellent resource.

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