SUBs for LUNCH**! and PIZZA Fridays***

This year the Home and School Association will be offering a Subs for Lunch (except for kinder classes) once a month AS WELL as our regular Pizza Fridays. The purple form your child brought home is for Subs for Lunch only, you will receive information about Pizza Fridays on the orange form.

All proceeds from Subs for Lunch, (after costs), will go to the Home and School Association. We hope you and your child will enjoy this new program.

Any questions can be directed to Kathy Narraway at

Subs for Lunch runs very differently from Pizza Fridays. Parents who wish to participate will register online with, and then make and pay for their child’s customized order. Labelled bagged lunches will be delivered to the school on the Subs for Lunch day and will be placed on your child’s lunch table for pickup.

Parents will receive an email reminder each month, a few weeks in advance, once each new Subs for Lunch date is selected. Parents can decide on a monthly basis if they wish to participate or not. Lunches may be cancelled or changed any time before the five (5) day cut-off. (You will not be able to cancel your order after the 5 day cut-off.)



Step 1:   Go to the website

Step 2:   Click “Register Student” to create your account.

Step 3:   Add your child (or children) to the account.

Step 4:   Take note of the Subs for Lunch date.

               You will receive an email notice for all subsequent Subs for Lunch dates.

Step 5:   Place your order(s) and make your payment online.


**Register now:
the first Subs for Lunch date is Wednesday September 21 and the cutoff date is Friday September 16

Please return the orange Pizza Friday form with your child’s order and the cheque as soon as you can. It does take a while to enter all of the data.

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