Pizza Potluck Coordinator Needed

We need someone to coordinate our annual pizza potluck in June! This is a community event, not a fundraiser where we supply the pizza and ask our families to bring a dish to share.  It’s a fantastic event as it brings all our families together. Organizing the potluck is approximately 2 days worth of work. 

1/2 day writing and sending emails for volunteers. This is pretty easy. Lots of people volunteer.

1/2 day or less making simple posters and taping them up in the school as well as writing a few reminder announcements.

1/2 day working with a volunteer partner to shop for juice, plates, napkins, ice.

1/2 day setting up and running the party.

Laura Zeidler has run the pizza potluck for the past several years and would be happy to coach you, give info and help in any way if you are interested in coordinating the potluck. Please contact Laura at, Michelle at, or Linda at if you are interested.

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