Volunteers needed to help with our mural project!

In March our kids are creating a whole school self-portrait project. We have a visiting artist to work with every class to create individual self portraits on wood. These pieces will be assembled to form a big wall of portraits – sort of ‘a snapshot in time’ for our school!

We have 9 full days to work on this, and for each day we need a willing parent or 2.  Here’s a schedule so you can see when your child’s class is:

Portrait Mural Schedule

Each class has 3 separate sessions, 40 min. each.  So when you volunteer you’ll get to work with several classes, and by the end of the day you’ll be a pro.

No art skills required!

Choose a half-day (or full day, or several half-days) that works for you.   Help kids make art & have fun!

email Candice@thecandifactory.com


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