Howard Happenings – Calling all Newsies – We Need You

Calling all parents with an interest in journalism, an aptitude for graphic design or an eye for photography!  We are resurrecting our long lost Howard Happenings and are looking for new recruits to help this happen.  Our main objectives will be:

1) To open communication to parents about why we fundraise, what are goals are and where our money goes.

2)  To nurture a sense of community and inspire parental involvement in the school; harvest talent and volunteers, start a conversation and get organized as a group.

3) Bring back the creative element for kids: find our budding artists, journalists, photographers and authors.  Share class work with parents and fellow students.

If you’d like a creative way to get involved in the school and in our community with flexible time commitments then maybe this is the job for you.

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Published by Howard Council

This account is run by volunteers of the Howard Junior Public School Council, the parent and family council that supports the school with fundraising and other initiatives.

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