Let’s Go Teamwork!

Well for any of you watching the Jays last night, what a game!! They really pulled it off and it made me think that it is the perfect segue to my almost final and slightly (ok, very) desperate plea for volunteers!!

The Jays are an amazing team with great chemistry and I have no doubt that Howard parents can band together for a great cause and make this Fall Fete a success. But we NEED your help!!!!

We are in major need of volunteers to make this event run. We may not be playing for the World Series but we need to pitch in as a community to help enrich our kids classrooms!

Areas that need help are:
COOKIE and PUMPKIN decorating
And several other areas- just have a look

So pretty please, if you haven’t already, check out the sign up page from www.fallfete.ca (click the “SIGN UP!“to go to the Volunteer Roster) and sign up for a two hour shift. You will still have time to enjoy the fete with your kids and your kids will be so proud that you are contributing!  Your Grade 5/6 Howard Students and Jr. High/High School Students are encouraged to pitch in too.  High School Students will be credited for their volunteer hours.

Thanks so much and let’s go Blue Jays!

See you at the Fete!

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