Fall Fete – Calling all Lemonade Lovers!

For the last three years, during the Fall Fête, there has been a student-run lemonade stand in the gym. This is a hugely popular and profitable venture for the school…and the beauty is that it’s run by the students, and they are engaged in the process of raising money for their school, BY THEMSELVES!

Teaching the older children that they need to play a role in this event is a great way to help them understand all the work that we parents do for them (every day!)While the students can run this event during the day, they need assistance to help get it organized, make the lemonade and then make sure the day functions well.

We are looking for a parent-student team to TAKE THIS ON and help make the lemonade stand happen again this year. Samantha is happy to get you started and help to give you knowledge from previous years.

This is a contained way that you can really bring value to the Fall Fete, and raise lots of money along the way.

Please email if you are interested;

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