QSP Update – Target Almost Reached…More Sales Needed

Hi Howard Families!

We’re almost at the end of the campaign but we are by no means finished.  We had a great response to our Animal Services Day.  I encourage you to look through your bags destined for Goodwill and at the back of your closets this weekend for tattered sheets, towels, blankets, leashes, pet carriers, clippers, etc. (please no dollarama type toys…they tend to be quite fragile). If you can drop the items off in the nurse’s office by Monday I can take them in next week.

We’re still a little ways from our target in sales so consider a subscription or a photo book for someone for a birthday gift….I mean, who wouldn’t want to see page after page of your smiling face?

The money raised goes to filling our library with great reads like Popular Mechanics for Kids for the older kids and Pomme d’Api for the little ones. It also goes to things like Scientists in the School and renting school buses for field trips. It’s a great cause and you can raise money for the school without spending a dime of your own…if you have a neighbour or a family friend, dentist or doctor who would like a NEW magazine instead of one from 1987 then consider asking them if they’d like to support us.

Thank you for all of your support!


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