Fall Fete – Talent Show Auditions and Face Painting Workshop

The Michael Johnston Music Studio  www.michaeljohnstonmusicstudio.com is proud to sponsor the Variety Show once again at this year’s Fall Fete! Auditions for the show will be held on Tuesday, September 29th and Wednesday, September 30th at lunch time in the Music Room.
Students from all grades are welcome to audition. We will consider a live solo or group performance of any kind (musical, comedy, dance, magic, etc.) and there will musicians on hand to accompany you during the show. 
Please note that once again there will be no karaoke in the variety show this year.
The show will run for two 30-minute sets, for an hour in total. That means we have room for a total of 20 performances (either group or solo), and we are hoping to include at least two from each grade. 
Do your kids love to have their face painted?  Have a creative streak?  Face Painting is way easier than it looks!
Alison, the Howard Fall Fete Face Painter (and Howard Mom), will host a face painting learning session on Sunday, October 4th, at 10am.  Email Alison at alsnmrtn@hotmail.com to confirm.  Please bring a child to be your practice ‘face-paintee’.

We’re looking for at least 2 more face painters for this year’s Fall Fete.   Come join us!!

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